La Cocina: Part 1

The first portion of the van that I actually worked on was the kitchen.  Based on the plans I developed, it seemed like this would be the easiest portion of the van to develop as it required the smallest amount of wood.  

Being a cheap college kid, I decided on using reclaimed wood for the majority of the design. I’d seen many excellent uses of pallet wood in furniture online and hoped to make my kitchen out of that. As my university is doing major renovations to their apartments, I was able to snag a couple of nice pallets from the dumpster.

Ripping up pallets proved to be more challenging of a task than I expected.  After a bit of work, I was rewarded with a sizeable pile of wood.  I started by gluing some of the boards together to get thicker pieces of wood.  From there I quickly cut pieces for the sides, counter, and shelf.


Test fitting the left side of the kitchen

I deviated slightly from the original design and extended the side board up on the left side of the kitchen.  I headed down to Walmart and picked up a few coat hooks and attached them to the top.  Cool.  I now had a coat rack in the foyer.  Oh, and I added the Midnight Lightning chalk symbol, cause it is a climber’s van after all.


Getting ready to stain

I also found this really cool magazine rack thing and added it to the right support of the kitchen.  It makes a pretty spiffy trash can in my opinion.

I installed the kitchen in the van and found a few initial issues.  First, the kitchen lacked a lot of storage space, so I intend to address that by adding a few more shelves to store various things.


Kitchen Installed

The second issue I found is that the kitchen is unstable and quite prone to tipping over when driving around.  With some extra paracord and a few strategically drilled holes, I was able to tie the kitchen to the frame.  I tested out the stability by driving around and have yet to tip it over.

I’m still working on the kitchen and hope to finish it soon.  My next additions will be a stove, water jug and holder, more shelves, and typical kitchen items.  I’ll cover that in my next post about the kitchen.


Yours truly, pondering the next additions


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