La Cocina: Part 2

I kind of left off with a bare bones kitchen comprised of a flat surface with a single shelf underneath.  In that state the kitchen is not particularly useful, although I had been hanging jackets on the coat rack and storing some trash bags in the wire trash can.


The finished kitchen

In order to make the kitchen more useful, I needed to add some additions.  One of the first things I added was a secondary shelf; giving me extra space.  With this new shelf installed, I decided I would keep all of my kitchen “hardware”: plates, cups, skillet, cutting boards, etc just underneath the counter.  On the second shelf, the new one, I will be keeping all my food.  There’s also a little bit space between the second shelf and the van floor.  This space fits two pairs of climbing shoes perfectly and a stove.  I also found the items on the shelves had a tendency to shift while in motion.  I installed a small lip on each edge to prevent my cast iron skillet from flying off while driving.  On these lips I added a few hooks.  I can hang up dish cloths on these as well as anything that may be drying.


Shelf lip and some awesome knit pot holders!

I finally got my stove.  I initially planned on using a hot plate to cook off of.  However, I crunched some numbers back in early May and found it would be difficult to supply the necessary power to the hot plate if I was going to exclusively solar panels.  After doing more research on the internet, I determined my best option was a butane stove. I’m thinking I might post about the stove and van cooking in the future.


In addition to shelf space and a stove, I needed to stay hydrated.  Considering I will be using this as an adventure van, I may not always have access to potable water.  I bought a 2.5 gallon jug from Walmart with a spigot attachment.  This sits on the counter top next to the stove, separated by a thin wall.  After driving around for a bit, I found this wasn’t particularly stable and the jug liked to slide out while the van was in motion.  I took an eye hook and connected that to a hook on the other side with some paracord.  Stringing the jug up like this keeps the water jug contained, but also allows for it to be easily removed and refilled. IMG_20160706_204801[1]



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