Throwback Thursday: Wright Peak Backpacking Trip Day 1

I initially heard of Wright Peak in early June of 2013.  Ceara and Carrie had been hiking on the Algonquin Trail to Mt. Algonquin, Wright Peak, and Iroquois Peak.  She sent me a picture of a 60 foot granite bluff just off the trail leading to the summit of Wright Peak.  For a year, we prepared for this adventure by getting in shape, creating a gear list, preparing meals, and practicing trad climbing for the adventure ahead.


Wrong Peak:  The false summit of Wright Peak that we planned on climbing at

We left mass around 8AM and began our drive to the Adirondack Loj.  It took us 4 hours to get there.  The weather for the trip was gorgeous with just sun and the occasional cloud.    As we left Lake Placid and drove down Adirondack Loj Road, we were able to to enjoy the beautiful High Peaks set around us.

As we arrived at the booth to pay our parking fees, we discovered that the parking lots was full.  We would have to park down the road a little ways near a bridge.  Ceara and I ate lunch, then decided to drop her and our bags off at the trail head.  After doing so, I parked the van and walked to meet her.

We stopped at the info center and rented a bear canister for the trip.  Our meals fit perfectly in the canister.  We then distributed the load between our packs and set off on the trail after signing the register.


Heading into the High Peaks Wilderness

After 20 minutes, we took a break then continued towards MacIntyre Falls.  Ceara started having difficulty breathing, so we lightened her pack load by giving me the rope before continuing onward.  After passing the MacIntyre Falls, we reached another small stream where I attempted locate our campsite by talking to a French-Canadian.  Needless to say, our communication was not effective.

Pressing forward, we reached the cliff we planned on climbing the following day.  We scoured the surface of the rock as we looked for lines to climb tomorrow.  Since we hadn’t found our campsite, we didn’t linger long and decided to head up the Wright-Algonquin Fork to find it.

Upon reaching the fork, we decided we were too high for our campsite and headed back down the mountain.  As we headed down we caught up with a lady who informed us that we were heading in the wrong direction for our campsite.  So we trundled up the mountain again.  Failing to locate the site, we were told once again to head down the mountain.

We decided head back down towards MacIntyre Falls.  Ceara called her parents and they said the campsite was located in the general vicinity of the falls.  Upon hearing water pouring upon rock, we started searching for the trail that would lead us to our campsite.  Our search proved inconclusive results and we decided to camp off trail a little ways in a clearing.


Enjoying dinner at our campsite

We got our tent set up and began working on dinner.  We initially had a little trouble getting the stove started, but it soon lit and began cooking our meal.  After finishing dinner, we headed off to bed to slumber.


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