Throwback Thursday: Wright Peak Backpacking Trip Day 2

We woke up as the sun slowly warmed the walls of the tent.  Ceara and I slept well and felt rested for the strenuous day ahead of us.  We dismantled camp, then made a lovely breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and bacon.


Breakfast before our big day

With everything packed up, we rested for a few minutes to let our food settle before hiking to the cliff to climb.  Although I didn’t feel the greatest, we made it safely to wrong peak to climb by noon.

Our first climb was Wright Wrong Chimney (5.4 G 60 feet).  The climb follows a diagonal seam on a near vertical face.  One third of the way up, the seam widens into a body sized chimney above a few blocks.  The chimney continues to a ledge, then gradually gets less steep at the top.


Ceara looking up at Wright Wrong Chimney

I easily led this climb and sewed it up with gear.  At the ledge, I made and anchor and belayed Ceara up to me, then continued to the top. Upon reaching the top, I took in the view of the surrounding High Peaks.  Wright and Algonquin loomed to the southeast.  More importantly, I had to bring Ceara up.  There were very few features in the rock to build an anchor, so I slotted pieces in where I could then braced myself.  Ceara had an easy time getting to the top, so the anchor didn’t receive much strain.

After taking in the view and getting more than a few pictures, we headed down a 3rd class gully to get back to our packs and eat lunch.  We made chicken curry pitas and then discussed climbing another route and possibly hiking to the summit of Wright Peak afterwards.  Noting we were low on water, we decided to do one more climb and hike to the top.



We headed to the northwestern end of the cliff face and I began to climb. The climb was pretty easy with a lot of spacious sloping ledges to pull on.  The rock presented no real challenges, except for at the top.  To top out, I had to climb an open book that accepted little gear, step right to a sloping edge, then step backwards onto the open book and out.  I was a little nervous with how the wind was blowing but I plugged a #2 cam in and made it to the top.  After making an anchor, Ceara followed me up.


Looking out after our second climb; Lake Placid’s WAY in the background

After finishing our climb for the day, we hiked up to the top of Wright Peak.  It was strenuous with our lack of water and by the summit I was completely drained.  The surrounding area was beautiful and we could see for miles thanks to the still gorgeous weather.

Coming down from the summit a little bit, we were able to locate portions of a B-47 Stratojet that crashed on the peak in the 1960’s.  We took pictures of it, then descended to our campsite for the night.


Looking at Mt. Colden, a future objective, from the top of Wright

Upon reaching our campsite we attempted to light our stove.   We were unable to however, as I broke the striker on the box of matches.  After a couple of futile attempts to light the stove, we headed down the mountain towards the Loj for water.  Ceara’s dad booked us a lean-to and after enjoying the best glass of water I’ve ever had, we checked in, made dinner, and went to bed.


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