Throwback Thursday: Wright Peak Backpacking Trip Day 3

We woke up and ate a hearty breakfast of granola bars and peanut butter crackers.  We decided that an attempt to summit Algonquin and Iroquois Peaks was still possible, despite the now foul weather.


Lovely Day for a Hike

After dropping our stuff off in the van and parking at the trailhead, we headed off with full Camelbaks.  The hike wasn’t terribly difficult, considering a great weight had been lifted from our shoulders.  The rocks on the trail were slippery, but we carefully navigated ourselves up to the fork between Algonquin and Wright Peak.

We told the summit steward of our plan and donned rain jackets before continuing along the last 0.9 miles to the summit of Algonquin.  The weather had worsened at this point with high winds, rain, and fog as we entered the cloud that enshrouded the mountain.  The hike became steep and difficult, with us pushing ourselves over tricky slabs of rock up to 100 feet in height.

As we broke through through the treeline, the winds picked up.  We scrambled across the barren rock steps towards the summit.  My glasses continuously blurred my vision with the amount of water streaming onto them.  I focused on Ceara’s yellow rain jacket and let that guide me to the topped.  Before making the final push, I stopped and put a new battery in my GoPro.


The Summit!

Despite not being able to see anything, we took a few pictures to document our arrival at the peak before heading back down.  We stopped below the treeline, and ate a meager lunch of peanut butter banana wraps before heading back to the Loj.  After cleaning up from the hike, we loaded the gear into the back of the van and began our long drive home.



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