Throwback Thursday: Beaver River Adventures, August 4-5, 2014

The Curry’s really wanted to take me up to Beaver River in the Adirondacks.  Thy had been there many times and consider it one of their favorite places on earth.

On Monday we packed up and headed out.  We traveled up through Lowville and onto a dirt road that winded through the woods down to Stillwater Reservoir to catch our ferry.  Along the way, we stopped and found a couple of geocaches.  We were quite early for our departure, so we explored the quaint little town of Stillwater.  The reservoir is beautiful- dotted with islands that are nestled among the many hidden arms of the man-made lake. The water is not your stereotypical blue, but a rich chocolate brown from the tannic acid built up.


The Beautiful Reservoir

We boarded the ferry and took a 45 minute ride to the opposite side of the lake, taking many pictures along the way.  Upon reaching the town, if it’s even large enough to qualify as that, of Beaver River, we unpacked and explored the surrounding forest and meadows.  Ceara took me around Norridgewock Pond and told me about her previous times at Beaver River.  We at lunch at the single restaurant in town and I consumed the highly recommended lumberjack burger.

After lunch, I headed back to a spot where I spotted a couple of snakes.  They were still there, and I scooped up two garter snakes sunning themselves on a log.  A few people wandered nearby and were shocked that doing such a risky feat was safe.

I decided to devote the afternoon to time spent with myself.  I launched one of the kayaks into the water, armed with a fishing pole.  Despite not catching anything, I scouted out locations to fish further in the evening.

We ate dinner, then Ceara and I headed down to Grassy Point.  We had a very romantic time walking along the beach and gazing upon the sunset.  As we sat in the fading light, a loon happened to break the silence with its haunting call as it swam past us.

Ceara and I journeyed back to Beaver River and played a couple of games of billiards in the tavern.  I headed out once again to go fishing. Ceara and I cast Jitterbugs into the darkness along the shoreline.  Right next to a patch of grass, a bass erupted from the depths of the lake and slammed into my Jitterbug.  I set the hook well, and despite his best efforts to throw the lure I reeled him in.  That was our only fish of the night and we soon navigated to shore.

The following morning Ceara and I headed out to point on the actual reservoir.  We canoed across a portion of the reservoir to a sandy beach with a steep drop off.  We walked along the beach and spent time enjoying each other’s company together before canoeing back across.  We spent the rest of the morning fly-fishing along the West Branch of the Beaver River.  We failed to catch anything, but our time spent on the river was beautiful.


A Gorgeous Setting to Fly Fish In!

After a quick lunch we boarded the ferry for our return trip.  We took a drive up to Eagle Falls to try and do some climbing, however there was a river that needed to be crossed to get there and the current was moving too swiftly to negotiate a safe crossing.


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