Throwback Thursday: Climbing Adventures of August 2014 and Adams Eden Camp

Little Falls:

One of the goals Ceara and I shared was to introduce some of her friends to rock climbing in Little Falls, New York.  We planned to head there on August 8th after I got out of work.

I declined overtime that day, which allowed Ceara and I to head to Little Falls with her friend Kayla.  Everyone had a good time after Kayla overcame her initial fear.  I ended up climbing “Goat Crap,” 5.3, “Unnamed,” 5.6, and “Black Beauty,” 5.7.

Moss Lake Slab:

On the 10th I was let out of work at 8:30.  Sticking to our plan from the night before we left for Moss Lake Slab to climb.  We entered the Adirondack park in the late morning/early afternoon.  Ceara was in a bad mood, but we decided to continue to the slab and climb anyways.  After a strenuous bushwhack, we arrived at the base of the slab and racked up for the climb.  We brought a few larger pieces, along with a second rope so we could easily make a single rappel back to the base.

I started the climb on the blank and tip-toed my way over to a flake.  I placed my first piece of protection about 50 feet up then followed the the flake.  I was led into a textured slab that I then had to run out a bit.  After balancing my way up the slab, I reached an overlap, allowing me to build a belay station.


The ‘Daks

Ceara reached me with little difficult.  We reracked, then traversed over to a pair of trees and rappelled to the base.  Speedily, we hiked out to the car and drove Ceara to work, arriving only 20 minutes after the start of her scheduled shift.


Before I headed back to Michigan I wanted to head to the Adirondacks one last time.  Ceara and I had originally wanted to head to Moss Lake Slab one more time and either climb “Crackberry,” 5.9 or nab a first ascent on Moss Lake Slab.  However, we arrived later in the morning than we expected and that conflicted with our plans for a lunch date.  So instead of trad climbing, we decided to boulder.


Trying out “Birdfeet”

At Flatrock, we explored the area and and found some potential spots to top rope and ice climb in the winter.  While we were there we climbed “Operator,” V1, “Slopey Seconds,” V2, “Hades Crack,” V0, and “Undershot,” V1.  We also attempted “Rotary” and “Birdfeet” a V3 and a V4, but we were unable to send those.

Adam’s Eden Camp:

For Aunt Jeanette’s business’ 25th anniversary we headed to Adam’s Eden Camp, a Christian camp south of Syracuse.  We tried a GPS maze in the morning which required us to find 30 placards scattered over 10 acres.  We found 28 of them.  In the afternoon we attempted the high ropes course and then went hiking on the Falls Creek Trail.

The Falls Creek Trail follows a stream bed over a series of waterfalls. Ceara and I hiked half the trail before turning around.  Most of the trail was in the stream which allowed us to slosh around and cool off in the canyon.


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