Throwback Thursday: Fall in the Keweenaw

Getting back to my typical haunts in the Keweenaw was nice. It was wonderful to see friends again and spend time in nature.  Robert and I decided to go climbing again and hiked into the Ice Fall Area to climb “Batteries Not Included.”  As is typically expected at the Cliffs, the hike in was rather strenuous and we needed to carve a path in as we bushwhacked to the base of the climb.


Getting ready to rappel down Batteries Not Included

Rob easily dispatched the short first pitch and I followed him, pausing at the anchors to re-rack and lead the second pitch.  The winds were fierce at the top, making communication difficult between us.  We rappelled down, getting hung up in a tree before hiking out.

Beyond Rob, I began to bring other people out climbing.  Nate was a good friend I met through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.  One Tuesday after classes, I ended up slacklining with Nate on Walker Lawn.  After talking for a while at dinner with Nate and some of his friends, we headed out on an impromptu climbing session up at Cliff Drive.  I took him along with Michelle, Danny, and Laura to climb on “Wussies Lay Back” an easy 5.4.

The following weekend, Kai wanted me to lead a camping trip for the hall I was living in.  On the 19th, we headed out to the Cliffs and camped at the base of Icefall.  Everyone enjoyed the views from the top of the cliffs and relaxing around the fire.  The following morning I made breakfast for everyone.  I took pictures for my new climbing guide and discovered seven new boulders in the area.


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