Throwback Thursday: The 2014 Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge

In mid-September I learned that Michigan Tech would be taking part in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge.  This contest saw 8,390 participate from ten different colleges and universities across the US.  The idea behind this challenge is that participants would register for their college and then go outside and perform various outdoor activities.  Each activity had to be at least 30 minutes in length and a maximum of five activities could be logged each day.

On September 27th the challenge started.  I had already planned on going camping that weekend at Cliff Drive.  I convinced Chris, a kid in Mama’s Boys, to go camping since he had  never been camping before and hardly done anything outside.  He agreed to go if we could climb.  Additionally, Kaelan, Nate, and Alex joined us.  We camped at the top of Ice Fall and climbed the evening of the 26th before retiring to our tents overnight.  After watching the sunrise from the over look, we did some more climbing in the morning.


Sunrise from the top of the Cliffs

As part of this challenge, the Outdoor Adventure Program made bandannas with 65 different locations in the Keweenaw.  They offered a sea kayak to whoever could take a photo with the bandanna at each of the locations.  As I previously mentioned, I made it to Cliff Drive, which was one of the locations.  After camping there, I headed to Breakers, a small beach on the west entrance of the Portage Waterway for a cookout and swim with my hall.

The following day I went to Mt.Baldy, also known as Mt. Lookout. My friend Kieth came along as he supposedly knew where the trail head was.  However, we could not the correct entrance road so we ended up parking to the side of a dirt road near the hill.  We climbed the hill with ease and I caught a garter snake on the way up.  Near the summit, I stopped and found a geocache.


The Summit of Mount Baldy

As easy as it was on the way to the top, we got slightly lost on the way back down.  This required us to do a major bushwhack to get back to the van.  We drove to a few other nearby locations for the challenge before returning to Michigan Tech.

I quickly settled into the routine of hiking, biking, running and geocaching around Michigan Tech.  These weren’t the most glamorous of my adventures, but they allowed me to log my maximum amount of activities each day.


A Typical Day for Me: Geocaching with my OAP Bandanna


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