Throwback Thursday: The 2014 Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge Week 2

The Saturday of this week I decided to head out to some of the hardest locations for the Outdoor Adventure Program’s Bandanna Challenge.  It was a very cold and rainy set of days that just seemed to remove the motivation I had for this challenge.  Nevertheless, I drove to the end of US-41 and hopped on my bike.  I intended to explore five locations at the very tip of the peninsula.


Rain, Cold Temperatures, and MUD!

Travelling down the Mandan Loop, I nearly gave up as I started to fear that I was getting lost trying to find Keystone Bay.  Thankfully, as I zoomed in on the topo map I had loaded on my GPS, I found the correct trail and made it to my destination.  Keystone Bay is a very beautiful and remote area of the UP, becoming an instant favorite of mine.  The tranquility of the place is overwhelming and it’s amazing to think of how far away from civilization when I stood on the sand along the beach.


Enjoying the Peace and Quiet

After leaving Keystone Bay, I headed to Schlatter Lake, Horseshoe Harbor, Hunter’s Point Park and Brockway Mountain before returning to Michigan Tech.

The following day I took Reggie to Cole’s Creek, Red Ridge Dam, and Covered Road the following day.


Red Ridge Dam.

I continued to walk, run, hike, bike, and geocache throughout the week.




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