Throwback Thursday: Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge Weeks 3 and 4

I took this week pretty easy for the most part.  I continued doing my routine activities of  hiking, biking, geocaching, and walking.  No significant or profound adventures were had, but I was one step closer to completing the challenge.

The next week saw me hiding some of my first geocaches on the Michigan Tech Trails, since I was beginning to run out of geocaches to find in the area.  Additionally, I continued to hike, bike, run, and walk.

At the end of the week I headed up to Copper Harbor again.  I headed over to Bare Bluff and enjoyed the easy hike along the 300 foot basalt outcropping.  Following the hike, I dashed quickly over to Montreal  Falls, a set of desolate water falls not too far away from Keystone Bay.  I took a pictures near Bete Grise Beach and Mt. Bohemia before heading to my next difficult objective.


Montreal Falls

I parked on the other end of the Mandan Loop and made my way towards the tip of the Keweenaw, south of Copper Harbor.  I parked the van where I saw the first ORV required sign before hiking 5 miles to Mount Houghton.  Mount Houghton is in the middle of nowhere compared to the other already isolated summits of the Keweenaw.  I pushed myself on the hike and did the entire round trip in about three and a half hours.  The view from the top was nice, but nothing noteworthy compared to the views of Mount Brockway or Mount Baldy.


Mount Houghton Summit


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