Throwback Thursday: Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge Week 5

Like the previous weeks, I continued to stick to my routine of biking, geocaching, hiking and walking.  At this point in the challenge, I was a clear contender for first place and just needed to continue my routine to win.

After hearing rumors of an gun-wielding local near the Delaware Mine, I decided to make one of my stops shorter than normal on my weekend’s adventures to avoid confrontation.  At the Delaware Mine I pulled over on the side of the road, jumped out of the van, and quickly snapped my selfie before loading up and speeding to my next destinations.  I quickly headed up US-41, making stops at Loc La Belle, Manganese Falls, and Devil’s Washtub over the course of the afternoon.  The highlight, however, was Estivant Pines.  Estivant Pines is one of the few remaining stands of virign White Pine in Michigan.  It was amazing, and humbling too, to stand in the presence of these enormous trees and realize how small in comparison I was.  The hike through the forest proved eerily peaceful as the wind grasped at the trees, making them creak as the shifted from side to side in the breeze.


Devil’s Washtub


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