Throwback Thursday: Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge Week 6

The first weekend of November saw me continuing to pursue the Outdoor Adventure Program’s Bandana Challenge.  After finishing up the locations around Copper Harbor,  I needed to head south and explore towards Baraga.

To start things off, I hiked up to the top of Silver Mountain, a volcanic plug just southwest of Baraga.  The views around the top were beautiful and I took some pictures of the cliff walls for my upcoming Michigan climbing guidebook.  As I was leaving the parking lot at Silver Mountain, I saw five bald eagles fly over me.  The closest was approximately 40 feet above me and landed violently upon an old oak branch suspended above my head. It stared down at me with big green-yellow eyes before throwing itself back into the air.


A Chilly Day at the Top of Silver Mountain

From Silver Mountain, I hiked in the Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness.  I made my way to a few other state campgrounds as a part of the challenge, but none of them made much of an impression on me.


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