Throwback Thursday: The Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge Week 8

It’s finally here!  The last week of the challenge!  Thanks to a large amount of unexpected snow, I was fully socked in at Michigan Tech for most of the final week.  This resulted in me losing the bandanna challenge as I wasn’t able to hit up the last of the locations, but I still maintained my resolve to win the overall challenge.

I continued with my school day routine of activities but also began to work hard on setting up a geocache.  As the end date approached, I headed home to Kalamazoo for Thanksgiving.  I spent the next two days dragging my parents along for the last couple of activities.


Last Selfie!

On the 22nd, I tied for first place with three other outdoor nation challengers, one of whom was from Michigan Tech.  It was a long and difficult challenge, but in the end worth it as I made some wonderful friendships and saw some amazing places.


Nathan!  The other adventurer from MTU.  Little did I know we’d go on many more adventures from here!



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