Cliff Drive & The Cliff Mine

Cliff Drive and the Cliff Mine

Directions from Michigan Tech:

Follow Pearl St to College Ave 49 s (466 ft)

Take US-41 N to Cliff Dr in Allouez Township 25 min (17.5 mi)

Turn left onto Cliff Dr 7 min (3.4 mi)


In 1845, the Cliff Mine became the first successful Copper Mine formed in the Keweenaw that formed around the town of Cliffton.  The mine operated along a fissure of copper in the conglomerate and basalt bed of the region allowing it to become one of the most profitable mines in the early mining era of the Copper Country.

The Pittsburgh and Boston Mining company owned the mine through 1870.  Large scale mining operations stopped in 1878.  The Tamarack Mining Company eventually bought the property with the intent of resuming mining operations. However subsurface exploration of the mine did not lead to resumption of significant mining in the area.

Today, Cliff Drive offers many opportunities for recreation.  Existing on corporate forestry land, public access is allowed for this private property.  


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